If you want a successful hunting season, you not only need to camouflage your body with the right clothes, you need to camouflage your smell with the right cover scent.

Is Cover Scent Necessary?

You may have the best rifle or hunting bow but still after days of being in your favorite hunting spot you may not see any game coming your way. This is because deer have a great advantage over humans. Their sense of smell is much sharper than ours. They can smell foreign scents, like our clothes and skin, from afar.

Once they smell something unnatural, they stay from that spot and this is where Skunk Fusion comes in. It effectively masks human smells, thus lulling the deer into a false sense of safety. If you want to have a rewarding hunt, get the good stuff!


What Is Skunk Fusion Cover Scent?

Skunk Fusion is a two part hunting cover scent that is used to overwhelm an animals sense of smell which will leave your human odor undetected. This allows you to see more wild game and have a better chance to hunt them.