About Us

Skunk cover scent is a new “old” trick.

In the years before scent elimination sprays, hunter’s soaps, anti-microbacterial underwear, camo carbon suits and ozone machines, savvy hunters swore by cover scents – especially skunk cover scent! They swore by it because it worked.

Skunk Fusion is a two-part synthetic scent. Like two-part epoxy, it does not activate until mixed. When mixed, Skunk Fusion creates an intense skunk odor (just like real skunk) that is designed to mask your scent. Skunk Fusions natural intense skunk odor confuses (without altering) the nose of the deer and other big game. It “covers” your human scent.

“Four decades of research on white-tailed deer has shown clearly the majority of products on the market to control or cover up human scent, frankly do not work! A whitetail can smell at least 300 times better than a human, and any human-related odor (even down to the parts per billion concentration) can be detected by deer. Years ago, I discovered the only way to frustrate a deer’s nose is to use something that will completely confuse the millions of sensory cells lining its nose. I began my career using scent collected from skunks, which led to my success in harvesting monster bucks. Unfortunately, however, actual skunk scent is difficult to obtain, and a downright nightmare to store without contaminating every article of your hunting clothing.Early in my hunting and research career I discovered a product containing two individually bottled chemicals, that once mixed produced the natural skunk odor. This allowed me to carry the ingredients to produce skunk odor safely in my backpack, without getting me run out of my house by my mother! Unfortunately, this product was discontinued when the originator passed away. So, you can imagine how excited I became when I learned Skunk Fusion was coming on the market, offering not only the same effects as the original, but providing a significantly technological improvement. Needless to say, I won’t be going to the field without Skunk Fusion; and have awarded this product the rare honor of being a Dr. Deer Approved Product! I encourage you to try it.”